Eric Perez

Hello, my name is Eric Perez and i'm from San Fernando, Ca. I started skating at age 9 but i didn't take skateboarding seriously for the first 2 and a half years because i didn't know where it was going to take me. I started enjoying skateboarding when i went to San Fernando Middle school when i did the ten stair and thats when i knew i could do bigger and better stuff. I was that little kid that was annoying and i am still but fuck it thats me but also i tried everything in my power to impress people. I stopped doing that since its not worth impressing certain people unless they are a sponsorship since they are going to get you somewhere. I was always trying to get clips for sponsors but i wasn't getting noticed so i was going to stop skating. I didn't though as you could tell. I wouldn't want to bored you guys so I'm just going to talk about the present  I'll make a video about it for you guys on my Youtube channel, just go comment on my Instagram @e.riic

My sponsors at the moment are Lead Skateshop, Silverback Skatetool, Wrekt Svpply, and Paw Grip. Right now I'm working about a few videos like the Lead Skateshop video thats coming out this year. I recently got hurt so i have to wait a bit to go back into filming for my part.  Another video that I'm working on is the Wrekt video but thats not coming out right now but soon so wait on it. I been skating much better especially with my switch because i kept hurting my left ankle so i just started skating switch since its the only stance i could really skate. Hopefully you guys enjoy my video part thats coming soon because thats the part that has a lot of my switch tricks that i been learning lately. If you want go check out my other video parts on my Youtube channel link below. 

I have a lot to say but its not the right time. Hopefully you guys stick around for the things that are coming up in my skateboarding career. Thank you for the support all these years!

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